Dr.-Ing. Vincent Haupert

  • Job title: Associated Computer Security Researcher
  • Organization: Department of Computer Science
  • Working group: Chair of Computer Science 1 (IT Security Infrastructures)
  • Phone number: +49 911 1338 6030
  • Email:
  • Website:


I am a computer security researcher in the field of mobile banking and FinTech security associated with the IT Security Infrastructures Lab. Currently, I serve as Chief Information Security Officer at IconicFinance in Munich.

Prior, I was a research fellow and PhD candidate at Tilo’s System Security and Software Protection group here at the lab. My main interests are authentication, system security and software protection of mobile devices. Particularly the security of FinTechs and mobile banking is one of my major research subjects. You can find my CV here.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @veehaitch

Email Encryption

I encourage you to send me a PGP- or S/MIME-encrypted email.


SHA1 Fingerprint: E21F BA89 4AE0 C33D 30FF 20FE 1CD1 ABE4 E53C EAAA
Public Key: ASCII-armored


Serial Number: 9580912058424892982171983594 = 0x1ef5250b6826c80c7892deea
SHA256 Fingerprint: 5789 8EF6 55A4 AEF5 ECA5 121F 7F52 555B
734B A0F8 7AF0 7860 A54B DD2D BEEF 2AD2
Issuer: FAU-CA > DFN-Verein Certification Authority 2 > T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
Certificate: PEM / DER / TXT

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