Human Factors in Security and Privacy - Übung



Time and place:

Übung zur Vorlesung HumSecPri

  • Wed 16:15-17:45, Room K1-119 BrOberseminar (OS)e-Saal

Fields of study

  • WPF INF-BA-V-SEC from SEM 5
  • WF INF-MA from SEM 1
  • WPF ME-MA-MG6 from SEM 1

Prerequisites / Organizational information

Die erste Übung wird in der ersten Vorlesungswoche stattfinden (im SS 2019 am 29.4.). Um an dieser Übung teilzunehmen, melden Sie sich bitte für die entsprechende Vorlesung "Human Factors in Security and Privacy" in StudOn an.


The exercises aim at deepening the understanding of the topics and are highly relevant for oral examinations. We plan to conduct approximately eight exercises per semester; the rest of the exercises is reserved for the guest talks. A typical exercise consist of two parts:
(1) For each topic, the students receive a homework assignment consisting of practical exercises.
(2) For each topic, the students receive 1-3 papers to read for the next exercise. The papers will be discussed in the class with the teaching assistant.

Additional information

Expected participants: 60