Multimedia Security



Time and place

The majority of the methods are applications of signal processing. Thus, it is recommended to bring prior basic knowledge either in signal processing, pattern recognition, image processing, or related fields. Additionally, it is important to bring basic knowledge in programming, preferably in python and/or C++.


Participants of this lecture obtain an overview of the field of Multimedia Security. This includes a variety of security-related questions around multimedia data. In particular, we present key results and techniques from image forensics, steganography, watermarking, and biometrics. Selected algorithms are implemented and tested by the participants. It is helpful to bring prior experience in signal processing or pattern recognition. This lecture will be held entirely online due to the Corona virus. The format will be an inverted classroom. Everything will be coordinated via studon, please register for the class here:

Additional information

Keywords: Steganography, Watermarking, Multimedia Forensics, Data Hiding, Copyright Protection

Expected participants: 30