FAU Security Team (FAUST) Ranks First in Cyber Security Rumble Germany 2020

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In a long-lasting 48 hour capture-the-flag competition, six FAU students cracked the hardest problems of this year’s Cyber Security Rumble Germany and ranked first.
Immanuel Lautner, Andreas Freund, Fabian Fleischer, Florian Hantke, Florian Kothmeier, and Jonathan Krebs (from top-left to bottom-right) were able to successfully demonstrate their capabilities in various security disciplines like web security, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, cryptography, and steganography.

Our lab has been supporting the FAU Security Team (FAUST) for years and we are proud to see the team mature and becoming more and more competitive.
If you happen to be with FAU and are interested in security, do not miss out on the rare opportunity to play capture-the-flag competitions with an experienced and successful team.
The team is very open for newcomers. Just subscribe to the mailing list to receive the latest updates or write an email to Marcel Busch if you have questions regarding the team.