About Browser Fingerprinting with WIRED

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For the WIRED article “The Quiet Way Advertisers Are Tracking Your Browsing”, Gaston Pugliese talked to Matt Burgess about browser fingerprinting. The article features comments on technical, practical, and legal aspects of browser fingerprinting by Nataliia Bielova (INRIA, CNIL), Tanvi Vyas (Mozilla, Firefox), Elle Hunt (Reed Smith), David Emm (Kaspersky), and Gaston Pugliese (FAU).

What is Browser Fingerprinting?
Browser fingerprinting is a technique that can be exploited to recognize and track users based on their browsers’ characteristics. Unlike cookies which need to be stored on the client side to recognize users and their browser instances, browser fingerprinting does not rely on such stateful identifiers and is therefore considered a stateless technique. More information.