Jan Gruber

Dr.-Ing. Jan Gruber

Department of Computer Science
Chair of Computer Science 1 (IT Security Infrastructures)

Room: Room 12.135
Martensstr. 3
91058 Erlangen


Being a member of Prof. Freiling’s forensic computing group and research training group 2475 “Cybercrime and Forensic Computing“, my research and teaching focus on digital forensics and cybercriminalistics. In my doctoral research (defended in spring 2024), I focused on foundational qualities of digital traces, i.e., its expressiveness and relevance. Before obtaining my doctorate at the FAU, I gathered practical experience in the field of digital investigations. I hold an M.Sc. in the subject of “Digital Forensics” (2021) and another one in the subject of “Computer Science & Media” (2016). In my spare time, I like to contribute to DFIR-related open-source projects.


A chronological list of publications in which I was involved can be found here in BibTeX-format.


  • Gruber, J.. (2024). Evidential Relevance and Expressiveness of Digital Traces: An Investigative Perspective. Doctoral Thesis. DOI: 10.25593/open-fau-577


  • Gruber, J., Voigt, L. & Freiling, F. (2023). Faktoren erfolgreicher Cybercrime-Ermittlungen. Kriminalistik 77(5). Abstract
  • Gruber, J., Humml, M. (2023). A Formal Treatment of Expressiveness and Relevance of Digital Evidence. In: Dewald, A. & Schreck, T. (Eds.), 12th International Conference on IT Security Incident Management and IT Forensics (IMF 2023). DOI: 10.1016/10.1145/3608485
  • Gruber, J., Hargreaves, C. & Freiling, F. (2023). Contamination of Digital Evidence: Understanding an Underexposed Risk. In: Proceedings of the Digital Forensics Research Conference Europe (DFRWS EU) 2023. Best Student Paper Award. DOI: 10.1016/j.fsidi.2023.301501
  • Gruber, J., Humml, M., Schröder, L. & Freiling, F. (2023). Formal Verification of Necessary and Sufficient Evidence in Forensic Event Reconstruction. In: Proceedings of the Digital Forensics Research Conference Europe (DFRWS EU) 2023. Link: dfrws.org
  • Gruber, J. (2023). Identifizierung von Malware-Infrastruktur mittels verteilter Spamtrap-Systeme. In: Ude, A., Sicherheit in vernetzten Systemen – 30. DFN-Konferenz. (S. A1-A27). Link: Google Books


  • Gruber, J., Voigt, L., Benenson, Z. & Freiling, F. (2022). Foundations of Cybercriminalistics: From General Process Models to Case-Specific Concretizations in Cybercrime Investigations. In: Proceedings of the Digital Forensics Research Conference Asia Pacific (DFRWS APAC) 2022. Best Student Paper Award. Link: dfrws.org
  • Gruber, J., Brodowski, D. & Freiling, F. (2022). Die polizeiliche Aufgabe und Pflicht zur digitalen Gefahrenabwehr. Zeitschrift für das Gesamte Sicherheitsrecht-GSZ 5(4), 171–177. Link: beck-online.de
  • Deuber, D., Gruber, J., Humml, M., Ronge, V. & Scheler, N. (2022). Argumentation Schemes for Blockchain Deanonymization. In: Proc. of JURISIN, 273–286.
  • Gruber, J. & Freiling, F., (2022). Fighting Evasive Malware: How to Pass the Reverse Turing Test By Utilizing a VMI-Based Human Interaction Simulator. In: Wressnegger, C., Reinhardt, D., Barber, T., Witt, B. C., Arp, D. & Mann, Z. (Hrsg.), SICHERHEIT 2022. Karlsruhe: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (S. 49-64). DOI: 10.18420/sicherheit2022_03; Published as Gruber, J. & Freiling, F. (2022). Fighting Evasive Malware. Datenschutz und Datensicherheit-DuD 46(5), 284–290 . DOI: 10.1007/s11623-022-1604-9


  • Schmitz, R. & Gruber, J. (2017). Commutative watermarking-encryption of audio data with minimum knowledge verification. Advances in Multimedia, 2017. DOI: 10.1155/2017/5879257


I am assisting with teaching several courses at the extra occupational study program “Digital Forensics”, which is offered by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University in cooperation with Saarland University and the FAU. Now and then, I am involved in supporting the IT certificate program OpenC3S.
Course Institution Lecturer
Basics of Digital Forensics HS AlbSig & OpenC3S Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Freiling
Reverse Engineering HS AlbSig Dr. Werner Massonne
Live Analyse HS AlbSig Prof. Holger Morgenstern
Browser and Application Forensics HS AlbSig Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Bayreuther

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