Date Topic Lead
15.05.2019 Triplet loss for deep metric learning Amir
22.05.2019 Research collaboration experiences Christian
29.05.2019 “Forgotten Siblings: Unifying Attacks on Machine Learning and Digital Watermarking” by Quiring et al. Benedikt
05.06.2019 Incremental Learning Techniques for Face Recognition Tobias
  • Deep Metric Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval on Unlabelled Data
  • Robustness of GOP Identification in Strongly Double Compressed H.264 Videos
  • Zhou Gui
  • Dominik Wassermann
19.06.2019 Camera model identification Patrick
24.06.2019 Forensic investigation of generative residual noise models Qian Zhang
26.06.2019 Image forensics from chroma wrinkles Benedikt
03.07.2019 Room 02.152-113
  • Deciphering severely degraded European license plates
  • “Weight Uncertainty in Neural Networks” by Blundell et al. – pt.1
  • Paula Kaiser
  • Anatol Maier
10.07.2019 No colloquium
17.07.2019 Exposing spliced images by inconsistencies in learned color statistics Lei Su
24.07.2019 “Weight Uncertainty in Neural Networks” by Blundell et al. – pt.2 Anatol Maier
07.08.2019 Image Restoration for Content-based Image Retrieval Kang Wang