Davide Bove, M. Sc.

  • Job title: Security Rockstar Ninja
  • Organization: Department of Computer Science
  • Working group: Chair of Computer Science 1 (IT Security Infrastructures)
  • Phone number: +49 9131 85 69907
  • Fax number: +49 9131 85-69919
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address:
    Martensstr. 3
    91058 Erlangen
    Room 12.134

Open Theses

Supervised Theses

  • Aufbereitung und Analyse von Honeypot-Daten
  • Machine Learning based analysis of honeynet logs
  • On the Security and Privacy Implications of NFC-based Transactions

Topics I might supervise (if you ask nicely):

  • Mobile security (Android, iOS)
  • Security of Linux / Unix systems
  • Pentesting



Public Key: 0x17A737675E92C730
SHA1 Fingerprint: F76C A55C 1758 A5FA F90F
2B54 17A7 3767 5E92 C730

Professional Activities




  • Kalysch, A., Bove, D., & Müller, T. (2018). How Android’s UI Security is Undermined by Accessibility. In Proceedings of the 2nd Reversing and Offensive-oriented Trends Symposium (pp. 2:1–2:10). Vienna, AT: New York, NY, USA: ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (ICPS).
  • Bove, D. (2018). Using Honeypots to Detect and Analyze Attack Patterns on Cloud Infrastructures. Unpublished master’s thesis. Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany.